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The Towns and Cities of Northern Ontario
Chapleau Ontario - Algoma Country

Chapleau is often called a "town for all seasons." This is one tourist destination that seems to be as busy, or busier, in the winter as it is in the summer. Snowmobiling is a major draw for Chapleau. Trails are abundant and well groomed and are considered by many to be the best Ontario has to offer. You can ride your snowmobile across much of the north from here.

What Chapleau is best known for is being the gateway town to the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve, the largest of it's type in the world. There are numerous outfitters that can set up various types of trips into the reserve and supply you with everything you'll need for a great vacation.

There are countless lakes and streams to fish, vast timberlands full of wildlife photo opportunities, (this area is called the Black Bear Capital of Ontario as you will quickly see for yourself), eagle feathers to gather in the wild, and scenic beauty aplenty.

There's a golf course, good restaurants, a museum, bed & breakfast homes, motels, adequate shopping, and lots of friendly people.

There's a gentleman in Chapleau who regularly feeds black bears in the evening. He has numerous photos of himself and friends throughout the years petting and feeding generations of these bears.

There are camps and resorts to numerous to mention. Beautiful hiking trails that start almost downtown and quickly take you into the heart of the Northern Ontario bush. There are many resorts that will pick you up in town by boat and take you deep into the quiet of the Canadian bush where you can watch eagles soar over your cabin, see bear wandering across the lake and have wild ducks line up to great your boat as you disembark.

If you're looking to get away from it all, and be comfortable doing it, Chapleau, Ontario has a great deal to offer.



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