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Paris Street, Regent, Elm, the Kingsway, Lasalle, and Notre Dame, the main streets of Sudbury, Ontario are called the "The worst roads in the province for over 50 years."

(By the Municipal Road Coalition)


The Towns and Cities of Northern Ontario
Greater Sudbury Ontario - Rainbow Country

The Roads in the City of Greater Sudbury Ontario

Sudbury has 5 of the 20 Worst Roads in Ontario!
(with less than 1% of Ontario's population, Sudbury claims 25% of the worst roads in the province!)

Paris Street in the City of Sudbury ranks number 2 in Province!

MRC Commentary
Sudbury had a hard time picking the worst of its bad roads and four of them made the 2004 list of Ontario's Worst Municipal Roads. In the end Paris Street came out on top as the target for local frustration.

Citizens complain of years of constant traffic disruption for piecemeal maintenance that never gets the job done. Sections of road are continually dug up to work on watermains and the pavement is replaced in patches.

Voter's Comments on Sudbury's Roads

"I honestly changed my mind to move to Sudbury after driving around the city. There's no lane markings, uneven road, lots of potholes, patched up everywhere, dips, bumps, etc. Worst road ever! After a short trip to Sudbury, I am taking the job in Midland!"

"Full of potholes, bumps, patches and, best of all, closed lanes due to never ending construction. I think the provincial or municipal governments should subsidize the replacement costs for struts on vehicles because in Sudbury struts don't last very long!"

"One continuous bump. The places where they patched are as bad or worse than the original. Thanks to our fine Regional and City governments over the last number of years bragging about not having a tax increase, our infrastructure has gone from being a great place to live to being another bump on the road! This highway is part of the Trans-Canada Highway. Poor Canada."

"Potholes, rough sections - like a mining road only in the city. Worst roads for your suspension."

"There is not enough road to avoid the craters . No matter where you go a pot-hole is there to greet you."

"I've worked and lived all over North America. Sudbury Ontario has the worst roads I've ever had to use."

"Ever since the city took over this portion of roadway from the province some years ago it has completely deteriorated so that it really is unsafe to travel at the posted speed without losing lateral control of the car. Recent attempts to put a quick patch on the shifting road bed are a joke and an insult to those of us that pay taxes."

"The cityscape on the boulevard is badly blighted by the 60 plus municipal hydro poles that are 60 feet in length. Each has a companion service pole to carry large bunches of service loops (hydro, telephone, TV) across the street. This elderly poleline is now showing its age and the combination of poles, heaving sidewalks and unenforced bylaws makes for a real eyesore. The boulevard was voted the worst street eyesore in a recent city-wide competition. Where's the political will from the three levels of government to invest in our national capital infrastructure?"

"Maintenance is poor, summer and winter. We used to have decent maintenance, until the Regional and then the Greater City of Sudbury took over these roads."

"It is definitely one of the worst roads that I drive on regularly. It has been patched and doubly patched causing the road to be very bumpy and unpleasant to drive on."

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